Youth Alexis is listing an open call for participants for an activity in Florence, Italy from July 23rd until July 26th, 2021. The participants should fall under the following category: Educators, teachers, young people, students and adults over 35 years old. For registration please send us an email with a subject: nEUres – Tour in Italy and for more information about the activity agenda and traveling arrangements at:, until July 15th, 2021.


The destination for the tour is Sant’Anna di Stazzema, in Italy at the Peace Museum in Sant’Anna di Stazzema. All departures should be directed to Florence, Italy.

COVID-19 Travel Information

At the moment Italy is in good health from an epidemiological point of view and most (if not all) of the restrictions on flights have been lifted. Re-open EU ( and Viaggiare Sicuri (

About the project itself

nEUres | Europe for Citizen, chapter: European remembrance

Project country: Italy

nEUres aims to disseminate among young people the knowledge of historical facts related to Nonviolent Resistance to Nazi-Fascism in Europe, as a starting point for a shared reflection on Civil Society and civic participation in totalitarian regimes and at the time contemporary, through a training pilot action based on the development of capacities of Educators and Youth and the improvement of participatory practices and active citizenship among young people.

Seven countries will participate in the production of guidelines and training materials. The pilot action tests will involve at least 90 direct beneficiaries among young people and educators, reflecting on the forms of organized/unorganized non-violent resistance to Nazi-fascism: individual / collective stories of solidarity, support, and concrete help to the racial and political persecuted, fleeing soldiers and other victims of the war; focusing on the role of women, teachers, intellectuals, and religious, the underground press, peasant and worker struggles, the resistance of Jews, and others persecuted in concentration camps.